"Un eco que surca las gotas con risa de avión de papel"
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  • Bubble baths:

    Turn down the lights, fill the bath with lovely bubbles and water at the perfect temp. Lay back and relax. You deserve it.

  • Smoothies:

    Make a delicious treat that is also healthy. I love smoothies.

  • Reading:

    Immerse yourself in another world and feel the connections to the characters in that world.

  • Writing:

    Write down anything that pops into your head. Let it flow out. Don't censor yourself. You don't even have to read it when you are done writing.

  • Take a walk:

    Go outside. Appreciate nature and just let the natural sounds soothe your soul.

  • Buy yourself a treat:

    Go to your fave store and buy yourself something small.

  • Pet a dog:

    Dogs are amazing and soothing because they tend to love you unconditionally as long as they are treated with kindness. Petting an animal always brings a smile to my face.

  • Make a blanket fort:

    Build a small fort using blankets and fill it with anything that makes you feel safe. It is your hide away and yours alone, unless you invite others in. It is a place you feel completely safe and nothing can hurt you. You can go there whenever you need space and want to be alone.

  • Watch a movie:

    Curl up in your fave seat with your fave blanket and watch your fave movie. Just focus on the movie and nothing else.